Thursday, September 10, 2015


Today is day ten of the Happiness Project.  I posted my September chart of happiness.  So far I have been working on my emotional clutter.  Today I tackled a nagging task.  I had some outstanding project with a client and I have been procrastinating dealing with it.  I have been procrastinating and procrastinating for two months.  Today I finally emailed the client and asked for the item they owed me so I could finish the project.  They were happy to hear from me.  I thought they would be angry which is why I procrastinated.  Another reason not to procrastinate.  You never know what will happen and it makes no sense to assume you do.

I have also been working on Observing the Evening Tidy Up.  That means that before I go to bed or go downstairs, I go around and pick up any items that are lying around.  Hang up a coat, put my keys in the bowl, dishes in dishwasher, shoes by front door, and mail recycled or dealt with.  That keeps the house tidy and I don't have to do as much in one big clean up .

Until tomorrow...

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