Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Today is day nine of the happiness project.  I arrived home from my trip today.  Usually I would drop all of my bags and things and sit down.  Today I tried a new way.  I took the items from the car and took them to the room where they belonged.  I immediately put the food away.  Then I put the CDs away. (yes, I have a car that takes CDs.)  Then I put away the items in my office: umbrella, tripod, backpack.  Then when I was watching TV, I unpacked my suitcase and put everything away.  I unpacked my bathroom bag and medicines.  Next thing I knew I was all unpacked.

It felt good to have it all done.  Then I ordered food to be delivered.  After I ate, I made the bed and put out the clean towels.  Everything was done but the laundry.  Since it was so darn hot, I am waiting on that.

Here are the last of the photos with Joy.

Joy having grapefruit with brulee
Joy enjoying a sunny day with the top down!

Finally at home.  Time to relax!

Until tomorrow...

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