Saturday, September 26, 2015


Day 26.  Today is roofing day.  The roofer showed up and, hopefully, fixed the roof.  I say hopefully because we won't know until it rains.

They took some parts of the deck off and put the flashing over the gutter (it was not over the gutter all the way) and sealed it with some silicone.  Then put the deck back on.  Now we wait to see what happens when it rains.  It could be awhile since it has not rained in a long time.

The roofer got finished much faster than I expected so I could do some other things.  I was so happy.  I love it when I get "extra time".  Extra time is when you have put the time aside to do something and then that thing is canceled or completed sooner.  Then you have extra time!  I had hours of extra time because he said it would take all day and it took only one hour.  I went food shopping and to the post office and the bank.  Checked things off my list!

Until tomorrow...

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