Monday, September 14, 2015


Day Fourteen is a slow day.  Not only is it an overcast day, but I still don't feel well.  I worked a little and I ran to the pharmacy for my meds.  Then I wanted soup really bad.  So I stopped off for some pho.  Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup.  It is a little bit spicy which is great when you have a head cold.  It come in a vegetarian version.  It has a vegetable broth with veggies, tofu, basil, cilantro, and noodles.  If you like it really hot there is jalapeno too.  It is awesome when you don't feel well.  It was just what I needed today.  There is so much I had some for lunch and have enough for dinner. 

Today was a day of rest and making phone calls.  I took care of Nagging Tasks.  I called for a doctor's appointment, followed up on my MRI, contacted my internet provider to move my internet connection, and ordered medicine. 

I just went outside and it is raining.  Well, not really raining but there are rain drops but more like a mist.  The ground is wet.  The dogs are cranky.  How exciting!  It is not enough to help the trees but it will get the dog pee smell off the sidewalks.  Here on the west coast we are not allowed the wash our sidewalks unless there is a safety or medical reason (blood on the sidewalk, someone gets sick, or there is a fluid on the sidewalk that will cause someone to fall.) I get nasty looks when I clean out my bird cage in front of the house!  But I have to clean the cage or the bird can get diseases.  We are not supposed to wash our cars, water our lawns or plants, or wash the house or windows.  Everything is dirty!  We can't wait for rain. 

Until tomorrow...

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