Saturday, September 5, 2015


Today is day five of the happiness project.  I took a lot of stuff with me.  I kept telling myself that it didn't matter since I was driving and I could take as much as I wanted.  I think that worked against me.  I never read a magazine and I took three.  I took two books to write in and I never wrote a word.  I took my tennis sneakers and I never wore them.  I took more audio books than I could listen to in two trips.  I could have pared my stuff down a bit and had less to carry.  The lesson is just because you have the room doesn't mean you should pack stuff in every crevice.

Joy at my friends house taking a nap
  Not too many Joy photos today.  Joy had to stay behind when we went sightseeing, she wasn't feeling well today.  She will be feeling better tomorrow.

Until tomorrow...

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