Saturday, September 12, 2015


Hey it is day twelve of the Happiness Project.  Today I got many smiles on my chart.  If you read yesterday you saw my Happiness Project chart.  Each day I mark down what tasks I complete.  Today I worked on:

  • Clearing out the emotional clutter
  • Tackled a nagging task
  • Used my To Do List
  • Followed the One Minute Rule
  • Observed the Evening Tidy up Rule
I took care of buying a battery and putting it in something that has been needing it for a week and asked neighbors to help me with a task in order to satisfy tackling a nagging task.  I had a To Do List when I went shopping and to run my errands.  I had time while on the phone and while cooking dinner to open mail and recycle the necessary parts for my One Minute Rule.  I did my evening tidy up before I went downstairs.  A good day!

Until tomorrow...

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