Sunday, September 13, 2015


What happened on day thirteen?  I will be honest.  Not too much de-cluttering. 

1. I unpacked my replacement lamps.  The other lamps had a problem and I had to send them back.  I unboxed the lamps and put them together.  Then cleaned up all the Styrofoam mess and put it all back in the box.  I hate the Styrofoam mess.  Those little pieces get stuck everywhere.  Then I put the new lamps in the bedroom and just looked at them.  I love them. 

2. Then I tried on some clothes.  I have to go to a function and I need to wear some fancy clothes.  No my jeans, t-shirt and biking pullover that I wear almost every day will not cut it for this event.  Since I lost the weight, I don't really fit in most of my clothes anymore.  So I dragged out some clothes I have not worn in 15 years.  Some of the clothes still have the tags on them.  I found two outfits that fit and are appropriate.  The dress code is smart casual.  I am not sure what that means but I think it means for men slacks and a dress shirt.  I will have to consult with a professional about what I should wear.  I also think the shoes, bag and jewelry can dress anything up or down.  While going through the clothes I found clothes that are way too big and can be put in "storage".  I call the back of the closet or in a bin, storage.  I only keep expensive stuff like dressed or slacks or suits.  The rest can be donated.

3. Something attacked the pond.  I am not sure what it is so I put out the security system.  That means putting items around the pond so the heron can't get to it.  If it is the heron.  Whatever it is, it tore up the greenery in the pond and got a fish.  All that was left was a fish scale on the slate.  The other fish were terrorized. 

4. I also went to a vegan festival with a friend.  I didn't get what I normally get (the humus bowl) and it was a disaster.  I got a japanese burrito and it tasted like fish. Yuck!  I took three bites and I threw it away.  My friend got the humus and and I ate her pita bread.  We also got fresh soy ice cream.  I got the cherry chip.  Yum!   I think the burrito made me sick later in the evening.  I feel sick now.  Ugh!

Until tomorrow...

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