Sunday, August 30, 2015


Today I was out back with Happi and I looked at my white birch tree.  It looked different.  What was different?  I couldn't tell at first but then I noticed a little round of birch tree on the ground.  I went down and looked around the tree.  There was a fresh cut where a branch had been.  Someone cut a branch off!  It was a big branch too.  (Birch trees do not have thick branches)  It was about 3" in diameter.  It was cut off right at the trunk of the tree. 

I was really mad.  It is fine to cut the branch where it is going over into your yard but you can't cut the branch all the way into my yard.  I marched over to the neighbor's house.  They are renters and rang their door bell.  They explained it was the owner who hired the landscaper and I needed to contact him. 

I sent the owner an email.  He has been my neighbor for 10 years until he moved away and rented his place. 

I am still pretty mad.  I will look tomorrow and see if any more damage was done. 

Until tomorrow...

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