Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Today is the letter C for my Travel Blogging Challenge.  I am torn between Costa Rica and Cuba.  These are two places I have always wanted to go to.  Until recently I didn't think I would ever be able to visit Cuba but now that the travel ban has been lifted I am anxious to visit.  To be able to see the people, the mountains, the homes, the cars would be exciting. 

Costa Rica has been a place I have wanted to visit for a long time.  I dated a guy from Costa Rica a long time ago and he told me all about it: the rainforests, the waterfalls, the wonderful people.  I would love to visit. I worked for a rainforest group for a while and I have only been in a tropical rainforest once.  It was so beautiful.  I would love to visit another one.  Costa Rica sounds like a tropical wonderland.

Those are my C countries for today.

  I went shopping and bought some stuff.  I got a new kitchen clock:

Here is my old bathroom clock:
Yes, it is a free clock from a radio station.  I bought this clock to replace it:

I am so happy with these clocks.  The bathroom clock is one of those silent clocks so I no longer hear click, click, click. 

Until tomorrow...


  1. I think I'd visit Canada. I know, it's so close and so familiar! But there are a long list of beautiful places there I'd love to visit. Canada is so big, seeing them all may take me a lifetime!

    I'd love to visit Cuba (YAY! We CAN visit Cuba!). And Costa Rica, too.

    I like your clocks. I've always had a thing for them, myself. And I love the tick, tick, tick ... it's soothing to me, and at night, it can put me to sleep.

    Have a great day, Adrienne!

    PS: B country? Bulgaria. Because everyone ignores it and I bet it has beauties and treasures that have been overlooked for decades. :o)

    1. I have been to the East coast part of Canada. I have yet to visit the West coast and middle of Canada. i will put that on my list. Canada is so vast. Thanks for the reminder of a great country!


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