Thursday, August 13, 2015


Today is the letter K for my Travel Blogging Challenge.  I am excited to visit Kenya. 

Kenya is in the east part of Africa.  It is known as one of the most famous tourist destinations.

Some of the things I would love to do in Kenya are: 
  • Go to the Mara and see the Masai 
  • Go to Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserves and see many endangered animals (and not hunt them!)
  • Go to Lake Naivasha and see animals in their natural habitat.
  • Tsavo game park to go on a safari
  • Lake Nakaru to see more animals and amazing scenery.
  • See Mount Kenya but not climb it!
Going to Africa has been on my bucket list for over 30 years.  I spoke to my doctor to see what countries in Africa I am allowed to visit.  I am pretty sure he said Kenya is one of them.  I am not allowed to get live vaccines since I am autoimmune compromised, so I can't travel to many African countries.   I know I can visit South Africa and I know I want to visit there.  I guess I can swing by when I am in Kenya! 

It would be so exciting to visit a place with such rich history and culture.  A place with such color and vibrancy.  Visiting people who live a life so different from my life would be interesting to 

Until tomorrow...

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