Monday, August 3, 2015


I am starting a new blogging challenge.  It is an A - Z Travel Blogging Challenge.  For the next 26 days I go through the alphabet letter by letter and write about a location with that letter.  Maybe it will be a place I want to visit, a place I visited, or a place I read about.  I thought it would be fun. 

Today is the letter A.   I went with Australia.

I have always wanted to go to Australia.  I think it is a beautiful country and I have always wanted to visit.  From the reefs to Sydney to the outback.  The whole country just calls me.  I have a friend who lives there and I have been invited to visit.  Cape Tribulation's rainforest sounds so beautiful.  The Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea sound like the a glorious place to visit.  Heron and Lizard Islands sound so interesting with the turtle's laying eggs and lizards sunbathing on the lawn.   The Great Ocean Road that rivals the Pacific Coast Highway. 

It would be one of the places on my bucket list that I have always wanted to visit.  Just to be in the Bay looking at the Opera House in Sydney will be  rush.  I don't care how long it takes to get there, it will be worth it.  It is a place I can go easily with my RA.  I don't need any shots or additional medication.  The long plane ride could be a challenge since 3,000 mile flights are a challenge for me sometimes.  But I think I could manage it.  My biggest problem is my restless legs.  My legs cramp up and feel like bugs are crawling under my skin.  I can't sit still sometimes.  The only thing that helps is falling asleep. 

That is my letter A.  Where would you want to visit with the letter A?

Until tomorrow...


  1. I would visit Antarctica. I've dreamed nearly all my life of seeing those incredible icebergs, a million different blues and purples, grays, whites, and greens. It would be cool to see the penguins, too, but for me, it's the ice and the colors.

    1. That is my second A place to visit. My friend went and said it was marvelous. I want to see it before we melt it all away! To see a polar bear would be fantastic.


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