Sunday, August 16, 2015


Today is the letter M for my Travel Blogging Challenge.  I want to visit Micronesia.  Why you ask?  My dog Happi is from Micronesia and I would like to see where she came from.  Here is the story of Happi.

Happi was about 1 year old living in Palau, an island in Micronesia, when she was hit by a car.  In Palau, the people don't bring the dogs in the house, they feed them on the porch and the dogs live outside on the street.  Happi must have been running around and got hit.  A visiting microbiologist did a surgery to save her life.  My vet was in Micronesia doing a special trip where the Humane Society spays and neuters dogs and cats.  They saw Happi and did the surgery again the right way (taking the whole shoulder so the dog can lie down) and spay her at the same time.  Worried about leaving her in Palau (they still eat dog in Palau) my vet flew her to the USA.  She was on a plane for three days.  Because Palau has no rabies, Happi did not have to be quarantined. 

While our vet was out of the country, our beloved Taiko passed away from cancer.  When our vet came back she called to see if it was too soon for a new dog.  Of course she said, just take Happi for a few hours.  That is the hook.  I was worried that Happi would have a problem with all our stairs but she had none.  She was so excited to be in a house.  She dove in the dog bed and didn't want to get out.  It was all so exciting for her: toys, collar, leash. 

I would love to see where she came from since I hear Micronesia is a beautiful group of islands in the Western Pacific Ocean.  It is west of Hawaii and east of the Philippines. 

There was even a Survivor season in Micronesia.  It looks like a great place to hit the beach, snorkel, and see a waterfall.  My kind of vacation!

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