Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Today is the letter P for my Travel Blogging Challenge. I have already visited one country with the letter P, Panama.  Back in 1987 I traveled to Panama to visit a boyfriend.  It was right before the coup of the government of General Manuel Antonio Noriega.  It was very interesting to visit a country that was on the cusp of  a military coup.  My family didn't want me to visit Panama but I was a headstrong 20 something and I was going no matter what they said. 

I remember there were military police with sub machine guns everywhere.  I tried to take a photo of a bridge and almost got shot.  After I left the country my boyfriend's car got run off the road (he worked for the State Department.)  It made the visit more exciting to go at that time.

While I was there I had a great time.  I visited the Panama Canal.  Since my boyfriend worked during the day, I would go and sit at the canal and watch the boats go through the canal and read a book.  We went to a night club.  We drove through the rural areas from Panama to Colon.  It was very interesting to drive outside the city through forests and on such small roads.  Seeing people in their homes and in their yards.  It was good to get out of the city.  I bought a piece of jewelry at a market that I still have.

I thought it was a wonderful place to visit.  Not sure I would go back but it was an interesting place to visit once especially during the chaotic time I went.

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