Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Today is the letter O for my Travel Blogging Challenge.  There is only one country with the letter O.  Oman. 

While I am sure Oman is a wonderful country full of wonderful people, I am not that interested in visiting a country that has such a horrible human rights record.  A country that tortures citizens who criticize the government.  A country that stones and tortures dogs to keep the population down.  A country where women and children face legal discrimination in many areas and are excluded from certain state benefits, such as housing loans, and are refused equal rights under the personal status law. A country where women also experience restrictions on their self-determination in respect to health and reproductive rights.

Yeah, not my kind of vacation destination.   I think I will find a country to visit in the P's.  Sorry Oman.  I am sure you are a beautiful country.  When you wake up to the 21st century maybe I will visit!

Until tomorrow...

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