Sunday, August 2, 2015


Today I decided to go to a street fair.  I took two buses and went over to see a police dunk tank, car show, band and get some street food.  I missed the dog parade and contest.

The police dunk tank was hysterical.  It was the same police officer for the 1.5 hours I was there.  I guess he drew the short straw.  It was for a good cause but I would not want to get dunked that many times.  I watched and spoke to a guy who lived in the area.  He was interesting and had a great sense of humor. 

The car show was tiny, about 12 cars, but it was nice.  The cars were in good condition.  There was a silver Rolls Royce, Chevelle, Malibu and Trans Am that brought back memories. 

Two of the bands were actually pretty good.  They were classic rock cover bands.  It was nice to sit and eat some food and listen to some good music.

I got some street food.  There is not always street food I can eat or that I want to eat.  I was really hungry and I got a plate of veggies, tofu and rice.  The veggies were so fresh and not over cooked.  I was pretty impressed for street food.  While I ate I spoke to an older man about food festivals going on the rest of the summer.

I walked around and took some photos.  I am getting more comfortable taking photos at street fair type situations. 

I am also getting better about speaking to people in situations when I am in crowds and alone.  I have never been shy about speaking to people but I have always had a harder time when I go to a party and I only know the host and everyone seems to know each other.  Or when I go to a fundraiser and everyone knows each other and I know no one.  I become the fly on the wall.  I have to put myself out more.  I have recently met new people by doing this. 

Until tomorrow...

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