Monday, August 17, 2015



Today is the letter N for my Travel Blogging Challenge.  I have been waiting for the letter N.  My friend lives in a country with the letter N and I have been waiting to visit her.  She just got married and I am so happy for her.  In fact I just received a letter from her.  You remember letters?  You take pen to paper and write.  Then you put the letter in a an envelope, address it and stick a stamp on it and mail it.  It is awesome to get a letter!

My super good friend lives in the Netherlands.  She sends me photos and postcards from the Netherlands and it looks so beautiful.  I have been to Amsterdam many, many moons ago.  I took a train from Belgium to Amsterdam I am pretty sure.  It may have been a train from Paris to Amsterdam.  I really remember the miles and miles of tulips.  It was during Spring Break when I was going to school in London.  We took a week to visit Europe.  The tulips were amazing to view.

It would be so exciting to visit my friend.  The Netherlands so like a picture book. 

I bought some lamps for my bedroom.  I put them all together and took a photo.  A friend saw the photo and asked me why the right lamp was leaning.  Turns out the right lamp is broken slightly and I have to return both lamps.  Ergh!  That is a task for tomorrow.  They looked so nice.  The company is sending me a new set.

Until tomorrow...

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