Friday, August 14, 2015


Today is the letter L for my Travel Blogging Challenge.  I went to the list of L countries to see which country I wanted to write about.  There are nine countries and I have little desire to visit any of them.  Many of them are former Eastern block countries and African countries.  I think the countries I would want to see the most of this list is Laos.  I have always been fascinated about that part of the world and it would be amazing to visit.

Laos a plethora of things to see and do.  Laos has these amazing caves.  Caves that are from the war that you can tour.  Caves with Buddhas in them.  Caves with stalactites.

The Boong Pa Gooang has a pod of rare Irrawaddy dolphins you can view.  There is also the Hintang Archaeological Park where you can view a collection of standing stones is thought to be at least 1500 years old.

The country sounds very interesting.  Especially with the history about the Vietnam Conflict.  Not sure I will ever get to Laos but it would be fascinating if I did.

I also have a personal connection.  My family helped sponsor a family from Laos back in the 70s.  I was very connected to the family because the daughter was not that much younger than me physically but emotionally and mentally she was such a child.

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