Friday, August 1, 2014


Today was mammogram day. My tech was a funny lady. She took her job seriously, I mean really seriously but she was also passionate about her dog. She has a standard poodle named Angela Davis.  She had to do one of my images twice because she could not get it clear enough. Boy did she squeeze my boobs in that machine. She kept telling me to relax. First of all if you know me, I don't relax very well to begin with. Second, who in the hell can relax while standing in front of a machine naked from the waist up while their boob is pinched in a machine and their arm is "resting" on the machine. Oh, and your chin is looking up in the air. Such a comfortable and relaxing position. 

I don't have any results yet. 

On the way back from the breast health center a light turned on on my dash board. I drove right to my friend at the dealer. He said it was the ABS, anti brake system. They could not fix it today but it is not an emergency. I won't be driving in the rain anytime soon. We are in a drought!  When I left the dealer the light went out. That may be good news. It might just be a short in the light and not the ABS pump. 

I rode 10 miles on level 3 in one hour today. That makes 50 miles this week.  Tomorrow is a walking day. 

I forgot to take a photo of my dinner. It was corn and potato chowder, tofu and tomato wedges.  The chowder was okay. 

Until tomorrow...


  1. The chowder sounds good! Maybe it needed a dash of paprika or something?

    You made me laugh with your description of your mammogram. The nice tech who does mine each year is like that too: friendly, smiling, doing everything she can to get me to relax. Unlike you, I'm pretty relaxed by nature, but mammograms aren't relaxing for anyone. They're uncomfortable, make you feel terribly vulnerable--what if the machine just keeps on smooshing until... well, you know (!!!!)--and on top of that, they HURT. Sure, it doesn't last long, but none of this is, or should be, remotely relaxing.

    Anyway, kudos for grrrl'ing up and getting it done. I need to make an appointment to get one, along with my yearly check-up, myself.

    And WOW, Adrienne! You're doing GREAT with the physical therapy and daily exercise. I'm impressed! Are you seeing noticeable results yet?

    Have a great weekend. ;o)

    1. Hi Wren

      I have been seeing great results with the combo of the exercise and the change in eating. I have lost over 6 pounds in just under 1.5 weeks. I am really happy. If you had told me this would happen, I would have laughed at you. A month ago I was hungry all the time eating everything in sight. Now I have a controlled meal plan with snacks. Plus I am riding a bike 50 miles a week. Right now the hardest part is setting up the meal plan because it is all new. I will get used to it. Have a great week!


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