Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Today was my breast MRI. I wore my tiara to keep the breast cancer cooties away.  If you have never had a breast cancer MRI, you are missing a fun time!  

First you get to put on a cute blue outfit that doesn't fit right and opens in the front. Why it opens in the front? It needs to for the test but it is way uncomfortable. (Note to self: create an outfit that fits women and opens in the front but doesn't show your breasts.).  Then make sure you pee because the test is long and you can't move. The worse thing is if you have to pee and that is all you can think of for 50 long minutes. 

Then they take you in the room. It is freezing. Not just cold but operating room cold. They put in an IV for the dye they inject later.  They put ear plugs in your ears. This is very important. Today one of my ear plugs popped out and, boy, that machine is really, really loud. Then you have to climb up on the machine. Without bending your arm with the IV.  Oh, and you have to get on your stomach into the contraption.  Your face is in a thing like a massage table. Your breasts are sticking through the table.  Your arms are over your head. Now don't move for 45 minutes.

Then the MRI machine starts. Click, click, click. Brrrrrrrrrrr. About 2/3 of the way through it stops and they shoot you up with the dye. This doesn't hurt. Then a few minutes later it is all over. Change your clothes and drive home.

Now I have to wait a day or two for the results. Keep your fingers crossed!

I rode the stationary bike for one hour on level 3 for 10 miles. Took it a little easier after the last tw o days doing the peaks and valleys!

 Until tomorrow...


  1. Fingers crossed, Adrienne. I had one of these done several years ago. Boring, unpleasant, but not painful. It ended up being inconclusive, so they did a needle biopsy that actually burst and dispersed the small cyst (which is what my "lump" ended up being). Three months of fright and worry, and it was all over in minutes. I'll be getting my next mamogram next month (finally scheduled the checkup). I'm ambivalent about it, needless to say, and a bit wary, but I'll do it. Yuck. Hate having my breasts squashed.

    1. I am glad you are getting your mammogram. It is so important. I few minutes of unpleasantness is worth having a year of knowing you don't have breast cancer. My thoughts will be with you.


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