Monday, August 25, 2014


Made some great food today.  I made these burritos that I freeze and then take out and nuke when I need a fast lunch or dinner. I wrap wild rice, grilled peppers, grilled squash, black beans, salsa in a tortilla.  They are really good.

Then I made a summer orzo salad.  It has fresh corn, green beans and cherry tomatoes.  I used the basil from the garden.

Then I made stuffed zucchini logs. I didn't take a photo but they were really tasty.  They had the zucchini insides, red pepper, carrot, cashews and wild rice. I was uncertain at first but it was really tasty.  I liked the crunch from the cashews.

I will have very tasty food for the next few days.

I rode the stationary bike for 60 minutes for 10.75 miles on level 3.

 Until tomorrow...

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