Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Today I pulled out old files. You know the files, the ones you have not looked at in years.  I must have pulled out 30 work files and 35 personal files. I went through the contents and decided I could find the information (probably more current information) on the internet. So why keep dusty old files I will not look at again?  I did find some useful files and some interesting files.

One file I found was a complaint I made to the ADA.  About 15 years ago, before I was diagnosed with RA, I was seeing a doctor we will call Dr. A.  I was really sick and I went to Dr. A and she didn't  seem to do enough for me so I transferred to Dr. R. Dr. R ran some tests, sent me to an allergist, etc. I still didn't get better. I was very tired, my wrists hurt, I was foggy.  He told me "you are getting older now, you need to get used to it."  I was not even 40 years old yet!  I switched doctors again to Dr. D.  Dr. D. sat down and listened to me and then he sent me for a blood test. That one blood test showed that I had pernicious anemia (the inability to absorb Vitamin B12).  My vitamin B12 level was zero.  The tech ran the test three times because he had never had anyone my age have a zero vitamin B12 level.  A vitamin B12 level of zero can lead to neurological issues and to death.  Neither of my previous doctors tested me for vitamin B12 (dispute me being very clear about being a vegetarian).  I wrote letters to the AMA complaining about both doctors. Of course nothing happened to them despite almost allowing me to die. Now I give myself vitamin B12 shots.

Cleaning out my office us allowing me to find some interesting stuff.

Rode the stationary bike for one hour 10 miles on level 3 today.

Until tomorrow...

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