Sunday, August 3, 2014


Today was another cardio day. I took Lucky for a long walk. I decided to take my new camera with us and take some photos of the neighborhood.  I love taking photos of flowers and plants and the neighborhood has a lot of plants in bloom.  At first Lucky was not too cooperative but soon she caught on and learned to sit while I took a picture.

Then I came home and took Happi for a short walk.  After that I got online and bought a new orthopedic bed to replace the one that got ruined when Happi had two accidents.  I also got Happi a new dog tag. Her tag is so worn out I can't read her information.

Her is a photo of tonight's dinner: tofu hotdog, sautéed squash, steamed broccoli, boiled potatoes, and raw veggies. Oh, mustard is a free condiment.

So far my foot has been feeling good. Let's see after this weekend.

Until tomorrow...

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