Saturday, August 2, 2014


Today was my cardio day. My day to walk and not bike. First I walked about 16 blocks. I felt good. I used the cane because some of it was uphill. Then I took a break and had lunch. Then I took Happi for a short walk and then Lucky for a short walk. The best part was that I didn't use the cane and tried to walk normally. No limping. Amazingly my foot felt better not worse. Of course we will see how it feels tomorrow but for right now it is not swollen or throbbing or anything. It just feels normal.

Today was supposed to be my big cycling event. On New Years Eve I decided that I wanted to do a cycling event this year. We chose an event that was not too long and that was not too hilly. Today was supposed to be the event.  Of course with my foot I could not go.  It was a tough thing to think about today. I was really looking forward to doing it in this year.   Well next year will be here before I know it. 

Someone wrote in and asked if the bike riding is making a difference. I lost five pounds in the last week. I think it is the combination of the changed diet and the biking.  I had no idea that just tweeking my meal plans and biking would make me lose this much weight so fast.  The thing about the meal plans is that with the snacks between meals my blood sugar level doesn't drop so I don't get the migraines I have gotten in the past. I always thought it was from hunger that I got migraines but now I see that it is from a drop in blood sugar that I get migraines (as well as other reasons). 

Until tomorrow...

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