Sunday, August 17, 2014


Okay I would like to say I borrowed a neighbors bike tire pump, pumped up my tire myself and went for a bike ride today. I would really like to say that but I would be lying.  

I planned for the day to go like that. I did borrow a neighbors bike pump but I could not make it work. It had to places to put the stem of the tire but neither seemed to fit. I took it back to the neighbor and said he would help me. He couldn't make it work either. Then we tried my pump (the one I could not make work yesterday) and it worked! He pumped up the tire.  Instead of this taking 5 minutes, it took an hour with all the socializing. By that time it was too late to go biking. I had to settle for a walk instead. Now I am set for a future bike ride and I can pump my own tire.

My walk included some cardio with some hills and stairs. I also had to carry Happi part of the home from her walk since we went too far for her to walk home. At 27 pounds it is a workout carrying her home.

Until tomorrow...

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