Wednesday, August 6, 2014


My meal plan for tonight's dinner required me to make rice.  I only needed 1/3 cup rice for my dinner so I didn't need to make much.  I decided to make the rice on the stove and not in the rice cooker.  This is the first time I have made rice on the stove in my life.  I know that it sounds funny but here is the story explaining:

I used to live on the East Coast.  I had some very good friends who took my under their wing.  They were great guys.  I moved out to the West Coast by myself and I didn't know anyone out here.  I know courageous.  Some would say stupid.  One day I wanted to make rice.  I bought the rice because it was cheap and I was broke.  I had never made rice before and didn't know how.  Twenty years ago I was not able to cook anything.  If I could have burned water, I would have done that.  I called my friends on the East Coast and they tried to talk me through it.  I put the rice back in the cabinet.

A few weeks later my friends came to visit and they brought me a present (remember when you could bring presents on airplanes??).  It was a rice cooker!  (like they would be able to bring that on an airplane in 2014!)  They gave me a tutorial on how to make rice in the cooker.  I can now make rice!  For the last 20 years I have made rice in the same rice cooker.  It is the best invention ever invented.

So that is why I don't know how to make rice on the stove.  Tonight was my first time and luckily it was a success.  It is also so gosh darn time consuming!  With the rice cooker all I have to do is throw the rice and water in and push a button.  Voila!  Rice is made when the button pops.  No standing over the stove.  No stirring. No checking to make sure the rice is not sticking or burning on the bottom.  Explain to me why everyone doesn't have or want a rice cooker?  It makes life so easy.  I am going back to the rice cooker.

Rode the stationary bike for 1 hour and 10 miles on level 3 today.

Until tomorrow...


  1. You hit a nerve with this one, Adrienne!

    I absolutely hate making rice for all the reasons you mentioned. Plus, it never comes out right. Almost every time, it ends up overcooked or burned when I make it on the stove, but if I take it off the heat sooner, it doesn't get done. SO aggravating! I've googled cooking rice. I've followed package directions to the letter. Nothing works. Grrr.

    I've tried a rice cooker, too, and that didn't turn out much better, but it was a lot quicker. Maybe my rice cooker was too cheap. I've thought about buying a pricier one, but I hate to spend the money if I'm still going to get rice that's soft and mushy instead of firm but nicely cooked through, like you get in restaurants...

    I wish I could master the technique, because I absolutely love brown basmati rice. I could live on the stuff. I've taken to buying it precooked in packets from Costco, which works fine except I don't get to Costco very often, so when I run out, my lovely rice is absent from my diet for a long time.

    Bravo that it worked for you! What kind of rice cooker do you use? (and thanks for letting me rant. ;o) )

    1. Hi Wren,

      My rice maker is an Aroma. I am not sure they make them anymore but I love it and will be sad the day it stops working.


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