Sunday, August 24, 2014


Today I decided to go to a local event where the streets are closed off so folks can walk, bike, skateboard, etc. without getting run over by a car.  I rode my bike to the event mostly because it was all downhill. Then I rode from one end of the event to the other.  It was about 3.75 miles.  I knew I would probably not be able to ride home so I put my bike on the bus. I was nervous at first about putting my bike on the bus but some folks helped me out and now I am a master.

I was real proud of myself for attending alone. Someone was supposed to go with me but it got complicated. He didn't really understand that I am a beginner and this was my first time on my bike after a long hiatus due to my foot injury.  He wanted to go on a long 2 hour bike ride at a place that was far away (we were going to have to bike to the place and then bike for 2 hours and then bike home).  I had a decent time on my own plus I could go at my own pace.

I am back on two wheels!!

Until tomorrow...

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