Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Since finding out I had a high blood glucose level, I have changed my diet and began exercising in earnest.  I am eating a diabetic vegan diet and riding my stationary bike 10 miles a day.  At first I noticed a quick drop in a few pounds. Completely dropping sugar and most bread, chips, cookies, etc. out of a diet will do that.  I have been on this plan for three weeks now and I have dropped 8 pounds.  But more importantly I notice that the love handles are all but gone. The pooch on my hips are also almost gone. My belly is flatter. My pants are looser.  

I also have not had one migraine in three weeks. At the beginning I would get very tired in the middle of the day but not anymore unless I miss a snack or am late for a meal and my blood sugar drops. 

Today I needed to take something to the post office and I thought nothing of walking it down.  Two months ago I would have driven it and if I had to walk it it would have taken me forever. I think the little dog misses those days.  

Today I rode the stationary bike for one hour. 30 minutes on a program with hills and valleys and 30 minutes on level 3 for a total of 10 miles.

Until tomorrow...

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