Thursday, August 28, 2014


While cleaning out my office I found a bunch of stuff that needed to be shredded. At first I tried shredding with my personal shredder. But then I saw the mounds of paper and realized I needed professional help. I found a personal shredding company.  They would come to my house and shred it in front of me but I opted to go to their office because I needed to run some errands.

I pulled up and they came out to greet me. They carried my boxes in and had me choose the type of shredding. Did you know there were levels of shredding? Level six is the highest. Basically it is almost dust. Okay not quite but really tiny partials. I chose the largest particles they had which still seemed pretty small to me. I think he said level four.  There must be half sizes or something because there were a bunch of steps between the level four pieces and the level six pieces.

The feed the paper into the machine and out comes confetti. Huge amounts of it.  Then I had to sign some papers and pay and off I went. I don't think it took 15 minutes.  The most awesome service ever!  I can't wait to have more shredding.  It was so worth it. It would have taken me days and would have burnt out the shredder to even put a dent in this pile.

Rode the stationary bike for 60 minutes on level 3 for 10.75 miles.

Until tomorrow...

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