Saturday, August 16, 2014


Today I spent the majority of the day installing software, uploading files and trying to figure out all those little annoyances that come with upgrading a computer. The icons are too big, the screen falls asleep too soon, it does have things in the "right place" .  I had some successes and some challenges. One success was that I found out with my new set up I can print from my iPad with out having to buy a special app. When I upgraded the app got wiped off the computer and I was going to have to purchase it again. I saved myself $6. 

Tonight I stayed up to move all music, picture and video files into folders in one place. Image a world where you don't have to look all over the place for that picture of Aunt Susie at Thanksgiving two years ago. Or was it three years ago? Now all the photos will be in one place neatly organized. 

I rode the stationary bike for 11.25 miles today on level 3.  Making up for the 7 miles a few days ago.

Until tomorrow...

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