Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Today my brother and I finally got rid of Windows XP.  Yes I know, how 2001.  Unfortunately I bought my desktop the year that Windows 7 came out but my computer was an XP.  I was supposed to get a copy of Windows 7 but I didn't for some reason.  Now years later I am upgrading to 7. It is a painful process but one I know I will be happy about in the end.

My brother is a saint to do this all over the phone. Considering the install disk didn't work at first.  Then it took forever. We also put in a disk station with two mirrored hard drives. This will allow us to back up all our photos, videos, music and play them on the TV or computer.  I am really happy we are getting this done. 

Tomorrow will be installing programs all day.

Had to have a quick dinner.  Lentil chili, brown rice, pineapple, four bean salad, baked tofu.

Rode the stationary bike for 7 miles today on level 3. Had to get on the phone with my bro.

Until tomorrow...

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