Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Tonight I had the worst meal I have had in a long time. The only saving grace was dessert. We went out to dinner at a restaurant that seemed descent. The restaurant said they were known for their fondue but their menu online didn't mention fondue. That should have been a clue.

The people that ordered the fondue were very happy. The fondue and the kids food came first. The rest of us watched them eat. And watched. Finally our food arrived. I order the vegan wrap. Not too hard to screw up. Vegetables in a wrap. Other people at the table ordered the vegetable stir-fry. It looked very much like the contents of my wrap. Neither was very good. Soggy chopped up vegetables and rice? Possibly. With some spices but the only one I could identify was curry which I don't really like. Or doesn't like me.

Just terrible. I only ate one-half of the meal. It also was so glaringly bad compared to the meal I had at lunch. Lunch was a fresh garden burger with fresh guacamole and sautéed mushrooms. Yum!

Dessert was chocolate fondue. We dipped bananas, strawberries and marshmallows in milk and dark chocolate. We were getting impatient because it was taking SO long for the fondue to arrive. My dad set a timer on his phone when the server said yet again it would take 2 minutes. We all laughed when the timer went off and the dessert had not shown up. The fondue was good when it finally arrived.

Tomorrow will be good meal. I will be cooking for myself!

Until tomorrow...

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