Saturday, February 16, 2013


Today I went for a massage. A hot rock massage to be exact. It was quite relaxing.

You know when you know when you are spoiled? It is when you go to get a massage and you look around for the freebies. Like the free lotion, shampoo, etc. The bathing suit spinner that dries your bathing suit for you. The warm puffy towels.

Well, this spa had none of those. I was SO glad I am having those issues with my skin because I brought my own soap and shampoo. Usually I would not, expecting the spa to supply. There were no heated warm towels or lotion. I could not go in the pool because I had no plastic bag to put my bathing suit in after swimming. Or hot tubbing. I don't hot tub in public naked. There was no spinner either. This spa was an economy spa. It was very nice just not what I was used to.

The lady who gave me a massage was nice and her work adequate. I have no complaints. She did try to tell me that a hot rock massage was contra indicated for RA patients. I told her I had not heard that. She said that it could cause a flare. I told her I had not had a flare before.

Have any of you ever heard of hot rock (or hot stone) massages giving RA patients flares? I would be real interested in hearing about it. I have had three hot rock massages with no flares. But maybe I am just testing fate!

She also said that she feels people with chronic diseases have old souls. I thought that was interesting. Do I have an old soul? I don't know. I know I have achy soles! Ha ha.

The crick in my neck felt so much better for about an hour and then that familiar pain started coming back. She told me I was not relaxing. I had a hard time getting relaxed! I have been so tense lately.

Until tomorrow...

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