Saturday, February 2, 2013


We are getting ready for the Superbowl. Brenda made her famous pasta salad and is about to make her Buffalo wings. Yes, she has wings. We bought them a month ago so we would be ready. In fact Brenda loves Buffalo wings so much we have a giant Costco bag in the freezer at all times. Friends beg for her Buffalo wings. She makes them in big batches and eats them all week.

While she was making the pasta salad, I went food shopping. I bought ingredients to make soup tomorrow. I also bought stuff to make FUDGSICLES!. I got the recipe from a blog called nuggets n pizza . They were easy to make and taste FANTASTIC! They are so creamy! So fudgy! So delicious! They just melt in your mouth. They taste just like real fudgsicles from when you were a kid. I know I am using a lot of exclamation points but I just ate one and I am on cloud nine. I substituted soy milk for milk so I can eat as many as I want. This is the best part of making my own pops.

I also bought some frozen fruit that I can throw in the blender and make peach or berry pops during the off season. The frozen fruit is a bit pricey but I waited until it was on sale and then bought it. It is so easy to make these pops. I pour the liquid in and set a timer and walk away. When the timer goes off, I take them out and put the next set in. If I had more sticks I would make more pops! If I had the Zoku storage I could stop using Saran Wrap to store them. That is a hint to my family since my birthday is coming up.

I have one more thing to say: GO NINERS! Hopefully tomorrow I will be writing about a Niner win.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Well, they didn't win, but they sure made the Ravens work hard for the win! Great game! I hope you and Brenda had a lot of fun today and enjoyed those fudge zoku-pops!

  2. The zoku pops are SO fantastic! I just want to keep eating them. I don't know how many calories they are. I bet a lot. But they remind me of my childhood. I normally can't eat a fudgsicle cause they are made with milk. Now I want to make blueberry cream pops and strawberries and cream. I am just a mad woman with the Zoku. The game was fun although the Niners didn't win.


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