Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This may not be a great day to you but to us it is a wonderful day. Today some haulers came and hauled away the platform. Those of you late to this rodeo, the platform was under the hot tub that was moved a few weeks ago. The hot tub movers refused to move the platform because there were rats (alive or dead we are not sure) underneath the platform. I put some rat bait traps underneath the platform with my neighbors assistance with the hopes it would kill any thing alive.

Last night I contacted a hauling company and told them I had a platform that might or might not have live or dead animals underneath. They weren't fazed. They called in the morning and showed up in the afternoon. In one-half hour they had the platform demolished and in their truck.

I know the question you want to ask. Yes, there was a rat underneath. It was VERY dead. I guess that rat bait really works! The rat(s) had even chewed on the plastic rat bait containers. They had dug out all the sand between the slate slabs and made a little tunnel system. It was pretty ingenious.

The haulers were so good they even swept up and took the dead rat with them. After they left I rinsed off the area and it looks great! We now have a nice area that is in a sunny location that I can now put a table and chairs this summer.

I kept the rat bait traps and we are going to set them the next time we go away. I want to eradicate this problem. I am over uninvited animals in the backyard. Rats, raccoons...

Good News: Tomorrow the hot tub guy fixes the hot tub. Keep your fingers crossed.

Bad News: I am not feeling too great. I feel stiff and sore. Might be from trying to fix the pump on the pond but I am not sure. I am also really tired. Let's hope I am just tired.

Until tomorrow...

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