Monday, February 4, 2013


Two days until the hot tub gets fixed. Yay! I can already feel that hot water, the steam. My aching neck will just melt with the hot water.

I went to my RA doc today and she told me to stop decreasing my prednisone for now. With all this flu and colds going around, she said it is not a good time to change my meds. So I will stick with 10 mg every day but one when I take 9 mg. I will not start taking Plaquinil for a few weeks when I am sure I am not going to get the current flu/colds that are going around. Staying well is the number one priority. Getting sick could put me down for weeks. Can't afford that right now.

She also said my sore neck may be from working on my computer or something else. So a good massage or hot wet towels will help. De-stress.

Other than that, good visit. Really low blood pressure but that is normal. She couldn't find it at first. Better low than high!

Until tomorrow...

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