Thursday, February 21, 2013


This time I thought I was recovering from the trip with very few problems. I was wrong. Today I went to a clients and proceeded to have a massive migraine brought on by sinuses. I think my sinuses are no longer dried up and now they are, I don't know, hurting. Therefore I got a migraine. I was staring at my computer and suddenly I got nauseous and realized I better leave before I get ill at my clients. I had already taken my migraine medicine but it wasn't working fast enough. Now if I could mainline the Imitrex...

I got outside without getting ill and the fresh air did me good. Then I had to drive home. I got home and crawled into bed. I slept for three hours. I guess I was tired. Tonight I used some nasal spray so I will see how that goes.

Until tomorrow...

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