Saturday, February 9, 2013


I was just reading my sister-in-laws blog, Age Does Not Bring Wisdom, But It Does Bring Perspective, and she reminded me of some neighbors that lived across the street from me as a kid. I had two ladies who lived across the street in a little range style house. They were elderly or at least they seemed that way to me as a young kid. I am not sure if they were sisters or cousins or friends or what. I am sure I knew at that time but now 35 years later, I have forgotten. One of them died when I was quite young. She seemed frail in my memories. The other lady we called Miss Richards. She was a little, white-haired, plump lady. Their home smelled (as my sister-in-law said) musty and was always quite warm. I feel like they had a cat but maybe I am making that up after watching too many episodes of Hoarders.

Miss Richards used to babysit for us when my mother went out. She would waddle across the road and then when my mother came home my mother would escort her home. She was a strict but nice lady. We didn't like her because she made us obey to the rules. We didn't like any babysitter who followed the rules. I have an aversion to hand lotion or anything on my hands (suntan lotion, hair gel, etc.) Miss Richards always had lotion-y hands. I hated that. I am sure it was because she had something wrong with her hands but it skived me out.

I used to like going over to their house when my mother and I were not getting along. They were nice ladies and they seemed to enjoy having me over. They used to worry that my mother didn't know where I was. Okay, most of the time my mother didn't know where I was. I was happier that way!

Our neighborhood had many older folks. Our family moved in as the second generation of families with kids. So there were many older folks with already grown kids and some that never had kids. Since there were few girls my age, I use to spend a bit of time with the older generation. There were more boys my age but they didn't want me around. I also have two brothers who were not interested (at that time) in having me around. I don't think they mind having me around now!

I had forgotten about these memories until my sister-in-law reminded me. It is fun to remember these things.

Until tomorrow...

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