Sunday, February 24, 2013


Last night at movie night only one person showed up but it was a great night. After the movie we talked about RA. My friend K didn't know I had RA and it isn't that I hide it, I just had not had a chance to talk about it. So we talked.

I told her what it was like to have RA. I told her about the medicines I take and the medicines I have taken. We talked about the other autoimmune diseases I have and how I cope with them. She was very inquisitive and asked a lot of questions. Usually I don't like to talk about RA too much because I think I am boring folks. I mean who wants to talk about someone's disease? How boring! But she was really into asking questions and talking about it. I even tried to change the subject and she changed it back. She actually knew about Sjogren's so I didn't have to explain that to her too much.

It was good to know that someone else I know knows about my condition.

Until tomorrow...

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