Sunday, February 3, 2013


The Niners lost and it was so sad. It was a horrible first half. So boring. I was surfing the net I was so bored. Then the half time show with Beyonce came on. She was good. It was weird though. Usually the half time show is more of a show that uses the audience and dancers on the field. This year it was more like a concert. The music was good but it was less entertaining.

The second half started bad. THEN then lights went out in New Orleans! For 33 minutes the lights went out in the stadium. The players were stretching on the field. Standing around.

When they came back to play, it was like the Niners woke up! They scored three times in the third quarter. They were coming back. We got all excited. Down by one point. Nail biting. Screaming. Jumping up and down.

Then a missed opportunity for a touch down. Niners Lose. Sob. Disappointment. Turn the channel so we don't have to see the Ravens celebrate.

The season is over. On to Basketball and then Baseball. Go Giants!

The hot tub will be fixed on Wednesday and we got free passes to see Identity Theft. So much to look forward to. Oh, and I made soup. Not too sure about this soup. I didn't eat it today. I had barbecue tofu and pasta salad to finish up.

Until tomorrow...

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