Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Day 93.  I am still sick.  I am better but still sick.  When I am sick I just want to be left alone.  Not in a bad, angry way but in a "I just want to lay around and watch TV" kind of way.  In the last 24 hours I watched the whole first season of Transparent on Amazon Prime.  It is awesome!  If you have not heard of it it won some Emmys and Gold Globes.  It stars Jeffrey Tambor. It is a show about an LA family with serious boundary issues who have their past and future unravel when a dramatic admission causes everyone's secrets to spill out. 

I was mesmerized.  I can't wait for season 2 on November 11th.  I got the free 30 trial of Amazon Prime for the holidays and so far I am loving it.  I have been watching shows and shipping things for free.  I have wanted to watch Transparent since it won the Golden Globe. 

Beyond that I have done nothing.  Just trying really hard to get better.  I did almost get caught up on my work invoicing.  That is one monkey off my back.  As I tried to explain it to one person, it is like a closet.  You put things in the closet, more things, more things.  Then the closet gets full.  You don't want to open the closet and clean it out.  That was my invoicing situation.  I had gotten so far behind that it was like that closet.  I didn't want to open that door.  Now the closet is almost cleaned out.  That makes me so happy.  Now if my closet was actually cleaned out. 

Until tomorrow...

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