Tuesday, November 12, 2013


My little dog Lucky got sick last night.  Yup, the new food is making her sick.  At 3:30 am, 4:20 am, 5:40 am and 6:35 am she wanted to go outside.  To eat grass.  In the dark. There I am in my pajamas with a flashlight. So, now I am sleep deprived. 

Then I read my blog friend Wren's blog post and she made me laugh.  She wrote about pajamas.  Pajamas!  All I wanted to do was get back into my pajamas.  Some days I don't get out of my pajamas because I work from home.  I get up and eat breakfast and start working and around 1 pm I realize I am still in my pajamas.  At that point is it really worth it to get into real clothes?   Wren's post is about the absurdity of the media writing about Kate Middleton's favorite clothes when the Philippines have just had the most devastating disaster in it's history.

The devastation in the Philippines is so overwhelming.  Every time I hear that 50 children may have been swept into the sea, my heart breaks.

Until tomorrow...

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