Saturday, November 9, 2013


Today I rode my bike down the hill to get my hair cut. It was great going down the hill. Not so great coming back up. I had to walk my bike. I don't have the strength yet to ride up our steep hill. It feels good to have my hair cut. It was so long. 

The new food seems to be working out for the dogs. They both love it and no one has gotten ill yet. 

Brenda and I swept up the leaves in the backyard. Raking leaves in the fall is such a thankless endeavor. You rake up the leaves and one hour later the backyard is covered again.

I think I have made the decision about the hot tub. We are going to remove the new cover and lifter and try to sell them. The hot tub has to go. It is in such bad shape, our electric bill is sky high, I think the rats have taken up permanent residence in it, and it is too much to take care of. The plan is to get rid of it. Hopefully sell the cover and lifter. Then in 6 months or more buy a smaller and easier hot tub. Our neighbors have a smaller one that seems more manageable.  We need to wait until the critters have moved on to somewhere else. 

Oh, we watched Monsters University. It was so cute!  A lot of Mike Woskowski (if you know your Monsters characters.) He is the green ball-type guy with one eye. He was Sully's coach in Monsters Inc.

Until tomorrow...

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