Friday, November 15, 2013


SF chronicle

If you were anywhere in America today you heard about Batkid in San Francisco.  I was working at home today so I heard about it on Good Morning America and each newscast throughout the day.  5 year old Miles took over San Francisco "Gotham City" dressed in a Bat Kid costume. Miles is in remission from leukemia. He rescued a damsel in distress, caught the Riddler, and saved Lou Seal. A flash mob of 20,000 people showed up at City Hall. Someone donated a Lamborgini with a Batman logo on it. President Obama sent a video.

It was such a cute story and really seemed to bring the city together.  It was so funny that some of the police vehicles had "kapow" on then in the same font with the same bubble around them.
SF chronicle
So far.i have only heard one nay-sayer. What a jerk! This was such a great thing to do for this little boy and what a FUN activity for ALL of San Francisco! 

You go little Batkid!

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  1. I watched the news about Batkid all day long yesterday and I was grinning too, Adrienne. Glad for the little guy that he got to play out a dream, but also very touched that so many adults--a whole city full of them--tossed out being serious and "adult" and played WITH him. Makes me proud of my birth-city, it does. ;)


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