Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Every year we have the discussion: Christmas Cards or No Christmas Cards? 

We always end up sending Christmas Cards.  I am such a Christmas fanatic that I want to share the holiday spirit.  I went and bought cards on Sunday.  I bought some interesting and fun cards this year.  I had no time to do anything fun and creative this year.  Some years I make my own cards but not this year.  I am trying to keep myself organized.  I have already gone over the labels and they are ready to be printed.

I know some folks don't want to send cards anymore but I love to open the mail and see the cards from all over.  I buy recycled and cards from sustainable forests.  I am careful that my cards can be recycled.

We are on the side of Christmas Cards this year but each year it will be a discussion.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. I think it's lovely that you still send cards each Christmas, Adrienne. It's one of those customs that I'm sorry to see disappear--it was always so nice to receive a card, and some of them are just so beautiful. Good for you! I like your Christmas spirit!


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