Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We are planning a holiday party for our neighbors and a few friends. When we first moved into the house we used to have parties. Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day barbecues, holiday party, and all the holidays we had folks over for a meal.  Then we had the total tear down of the house and all partying ceased for three years. Then came the after construction phase where parties didn't occur either. The house was not completed, things were still in boxes, etc.

Finally we started having small groups over for movie night or a person or two over now and then. But no big parties. Probably the biggest gathering we had was my birthday almost three years ago right before we got Lucky.  I had about 10 people over.

I am excited to have some friends over to celebrate the season.  We are planning what food to make and what to buy.  It is fun. I will have to decorate the house early. We decided to wait on a tree until after the party because our house is not big enough for people and a tree!

I will keep you updated on the preparations.

Until tomorrow...

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