Monday, September 30, 2013


I went to see my RA doc today.  She says I need to reduce stress, take better care of my neck, sit at my ergonomic desk, and get more sleep.  Wow, if I could do all that, I would have to stop working.  I do have to get better at reducing stress.  It is a catch 22.  My feet hurt too much to walk the dogs so I don't get the relief from walking the dogs.  Any ideas?  Let me know.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Well, this probably sounds trite, but how about trying some meditation, say, 15 minutes twice a day? Jon Cabott-Zin has some excellent books and audio recordings that can help you get started. Another option would be to schedule a stretch of time each day--short or long, but make sure it's enough time that you really do relax--for some "me" care: a nap, reading a good book, maybe listening to some music. But do this in a relaxed position. That means Internet surfing is out. This needs to be time during which your body AND mind get some RandR.

    As you know, downtime is also important for managing RA to avoid increased pain and fatigue. I'm pretty sure it helps lupus, too.

    Wishing you the best, as always. :)

  2. Thanks Wren. I know. My ears hear you and my heart knows it. I just wish I could find the time. It is hard when you have your own business. It is a pro and a con to having your own business. I can take time off when I want but then I end up working all the time because there is no "clocking out". it is work all the time. I try to get a balance. Just right now it is insane and I need to do something about it. I do admit Sundays are my day to relax. i try to not do anything but food shop on Sunday. I will try to meditate. Thanks for the ideas!


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