Wednesday, September 4, 2013


First, I am feeling much better.  I am never quite sure what comes over me but I just feel like crap.  Today I felt better and went to see a client and ended up working all day.

Someone please explain to me why my little dog feels it is okay to lay on the fancy pillows on my "good" couch in the living room.  That little dog has beds all over the place that are made especially for dogs but does she want to lay on them?  NO.  She wants to wait until I am not looking and jump up on the living room couch and knock over the fancy pillows and curl up like a ball on top of them.  She used to jump up on the good chairs in the living room and fall asleep until we started catching the big dog (Happi) climbing up on them too.  Then it had to stop.  Happi has never climbed on furniture her entire life.  I guess she was feeling jealous that the little dog was "allowed" to be on the furniture.  I would chase the little dog off the furniture 20 times a day.  Once Happi started jumping on the furniture, that had to end.  I got some large Styrofoam pieces and put them on the chairs so neither dog can jump up.  Now Happi lays on the floor like a dog!  I am still working on the little dog.  Maybe she thinks she is not a dog?!

Until tomorrow...

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