Saturday, September 14, 2013


Okay, I have gotten caught up in the America's Cup races. It is pretty exciting once I learned about sailing and how the races work. I could not understand why the races take months. But then I learned that there are "pre" races. They were called the Louis Vuitton cup races. The winners of those races go on to race in the America's Cup races.

The two teams racing in the America's Cup are the American team Oracle and team Emirates New Zealand.  Today team Emirates almost flipped their boat. Quite exciting and scary.  Team Emirates is ahead 6 to 0. They need to win 9 races to win the cup. There are only two races per day but many days it gets too windy and they cancel race two. The race for the cup could potentially go on for many more days.

When I was a kid I went to camp in Maine. We were taught to sail these little two person sail boats. Me and the other person sailed across the river and a storm kicked up and we had to be rescued. Then the next day a bunch of us took the boats to an island and we found a robbers lair. Yes, an actual robbers lair! There had been home robberies up and down the river and the police had been stumped as to how the robbers had been doing it. We were investigating the (we thought) deserted island and found some evidence that people had been living there.  Turns out the robbers were using the island to hide and stage their robberies. We quickly left the island and called the police. They set up a stake out and caught the robbers. We were written up as heroes in the local newspaper. Quite exciting for a tween.

That is my sailing story.

Until tomorrow...

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