Wednesday, September 25, 2013


So exciting!  Oracle Team USA wins the whole kit and caboodle!  The whole shebang!  The whole enchilada!  The whole series!

For those of you who didn't see it.  The race was nail biting!  At the start Team USA gets off the start and immediate dips in a wave.  Uh oh!  Will they recover?  Yes!  That could have been a disaster. Right away Oracle Team USA gets it together and pulls ahead.  They have the faster boat and they took off and never looked back.  They outran the Kiwis (Team Emirates New Zealand) and the Kiwis could never catch up.  Team USA finished 500 meters ahead.  9-8 Oracle Team USA!

USA Today photo

Now they are giving out the 34th Cup and soon the decision will be made where the next America's Cup will be raced.  I think it should be on the West Coast again!  I am hooked!  It would be cool to see it in person.

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