Saturday, September 7, 2013


I am sitting here waiting for my bicycle to be finished. The bike guys needed to put on my fenders, basket (gotta have a basket), and seat lock. I am waiting at a lovely cafe where I had the freshest sandwich in a long time. The bread was so fresh they must have baked it this morning! Hopefully the bike will be done soon.

1 hour later...

I got my bike and it looks fabulous!  The lavender looks good!  The guy helped put it in the backseat of my convertible and off I went. When I got it home I ran into a stumbling block; I could not remember how to put the front tire back on the correct way.  These new fangled things are not like they were 30 years ago!  Finally after I tried 15 attempts and there was sweat in my eyes, I asked a neighbor to help. Turns out I tightened the thingies too tight.  In other words I did it too well!  Always an overachiever!  I got it all fixed and I took it for a test ride.  Then Brenda took it for a test ride.  She assured me that she was fine riding a bike (although she had not rode one in, uh, 40 years) and she almost immediately scraped the neighbors car and hit a parked scooter!  Scared me to death!  She needs a bike helmet for sure!

I finished putting on the water bottle holder and my cute bell and now I am good to go.  Of course now it is almost 100 degrees and no one wants to be outside.  Perfect timing! 

Until tomorrow...

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